Paranormal Oddities

Joe Pieri, Owner, Paranormal Oddities

Kelly and I were feeling the crisp sunshine of Fall on Friday and wanted to do something fun and intriguing, that married with that theme, and we had the pleasure of stopping by Paranormal Oddities to speak with owner, Mr. Joe Pieri to discuss his store. The minute we walked inside we knew, indeed, it's definitely, "the little store with a lot of heart"! (in a drawer somewhere).

Located at 5798 Transit Road in Depew New York, this little shop reminds me of Newt Scamander's briefcase; an unassuming entrance to a much larger world, filled with so many odd items that it'll make your head spin (google The Exorcist for example). It's dimly lit, dark and filled with real shrunken heads, "haunted objects" and all manner of oddity that encompasses the "paranormal", "alien" and "cryptozoology" interests. They offer a constant stream of classes and lecture, including metaphysical, folk and art selections. 

About Joe

Joe himself, is no stranger to the search for spirit evidence and pondering the unknown. He's been involved with this branch of study since the 1980's, back when the few who were documenting, were using actual film and tape to experiment and record adventures. Joe also has a team of like minded individuals, who go out and search, often while broadcasting live for everyone to see in real-time.

You can find out more by stopping in and talking to Joe, who is an extremely interesting individual, and I encourage you to check out the team website, called Paranormal Crossroads Live

Of course, we loved snapping some photos of all the interesting items in the store and had a chance for a brief interview with Mr. Pieri: 

"We are Paranormal Oddities! We are a paranormal specialty store, but we really are much much more. We range from psychic medium to Voodoo, Hoodoo, Ouija and beyond. We're located at 5798 Transit Road in Depew New York.

There are several events coming up, including my first off-site event. Paranormal Oddities is going to have our first Day of the Dead / sugar skull painting night. We’re going to transform everyone and figuratively bring them down to Central America. We're going to paint incredible sugar skulls, which are about 7” and about 7lb each,  We call it the 77 event.

This little shop has grown tremendously in the past year and we're starting a new phase in on-site filming, meaning we are going to have a show based on the store and the people involved in the store.

Always, we're offering new classes and we're going to do more of the creativity classes which seem to be the most popular that we offer here. We’re also going to do public ghost hunts. We're going to take people to locations and we're going to teach them paranormal investigation.

I'm very excited, working in our second year; this is nerve-racking for me but I love it! Being a business owner is exciting & thrilling and I can officially say I'm living the dream.

-Joe Pieri


As always, if you have a business that would like to be featured on our "Local Roadshow" blog, feel free to drop us a line! Thank you For taking the time to stop by and check out all of the interesting small business that Western New york has to offer!

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