Sealing Devices INC.

Sealing Devices INC. is a major player in the global manufacturing of products used to seal all manner of applications from industrial to IT/technology, to aerospace, military and more. Working in conjunction with Manzella Marketing, I filmed, at the Walden avenue plant, over several days, the stock footage needed for multiple videos. The first completed edit that I created included this company overview. The experience went very well and there were subsequent videos created, specifically for Sealing Devices in-house, employee-directed messages.


Photography is our first love and we are dedicated to producing quality, emotional and captivating images. Whether in our studio or on-location, for portraits, events, or commercial products, you will be pleased with your decision to let us capture and create your imagery.


Over the last 20+ years, I’ve worked with many businesses, large and small, from Mattel to the corner store, creating a variety of digital and print design work: Logos, business cards, brochures, postcards, invitations, billboards, t-shirts, posters, record covers, websites, social media ads, etc.


Full video production capabilities from storyboard, to capture, editing and upload.  We’ve worked across many industries from medical, law, aerospace to local mom n’ pops and individual families. Create your next family video, corporate trining, online or television spot with us.